August Product Update 2018
August Product Update 2018
Product updates
August 2018

August Product Update 2018

We're paving the way for new features. Here's our latest product update to the Coconut app; helping you to run your business more effectively.

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One of our goals is to give you the tools to help you run your business effectively. From the chatter in our Facebook group, we know estimating your tax and keeping on top of your invoices can be a great source of anxiety when managing your own business.

Paving the way for new features

With this in mind, we recently launched an update to the iOS app, where we've combined your Activity and Card tabs into a new Accounts section. (If you're on Android, you'll see the new Account tab as soon as you open an account!).

your new accounts view

Creating this new Account section paves the way for two exciting new features that we'll be introducing shortly: Invoicing and Vaults. It has also allowed us to improve the experience around Card and Account management.Here's some of the things we considered during this latest update. We...

  • Created some space in the navigation bar for Invoicing
  • Redesigned the Card section to accommodate Vaults, so you can set aside money for your Tax Return
  • Made some design improvements that will allow us to add multiple Coconut accounts in the future.
how to interact with your accounts tab

At the top of your Transactions list is a new Account tray, which tells you your balance and account name. Give it a tap to open your Account tray. Here, you can see your sort code and account number, as well as easily share these details. This is also where you'll view your PIN, block your card, or order a new one.If you're brand new to the app, we've made it easier to activate your card and share your new account details with clients.

My biggest challenge

The design needed to scale to accommodate upcoming features, but still remain visually organised and uncluttered. It's important that your Account area provides you with the most useful information at a glance, and thinking about what information to display, as well as when and where to show it, was my biggest challenge.

sneak peek of upcoming vaults feature

We'd love to hear how this update is working for you, so please let us know what you think! :D

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