Your accountant has invited you to use Coconut

Coconut is a simple tax and accounting app for self-employed people. Your accountant has invited you to get the app so that you can work together more effectively.

Once you've downloaded Coconut and connected your bank accounts, you’ll be able to track income, categorise expenses, and your accountant will be able to easily view your accounts when they need to.

You'll also get access to an array of other handy invoicing and tax tools that come in the app!

Coconut web app on a laptop

Next steps:

Coconut app icon
Follow the link in your email to download the app

Check your inbox for an email from Coconut saying that your accountant has invited you to get the app.

Securely connect your bank accounts to Coconut
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    FCA regulated
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    Bank level security
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    Takes a few clicks
Work smarter with your accountant

You'll now have all the tools to manage your finances with ease, and your accountant will be  able to view your accounts when they need to.

Coconut integrates with 25+ UK bank and credit card accounts:

Common questions

What is Open Banking

Open banking allows you to connect external bank accounts to your Coconut account. It's a secure way to allow providers access to your financial information and data.

Is Open Banking safe?

Open banking is a safe, read-only connection. It only takes a couple of minutes and there’s no data entry involved in connecting your bank accounts to Coconut.

Can I connect a personal bank account to Coconut?

Sole traders can connect their personal bank or current accounts to Coconut and begin to separate their business and personal transactions.

What bank and current accounts can I connect?

You can connect bank accounts and credit cards from over 25 UK providers. Take a look at the full list here.

What will my accountant see?

Your accountant will only see the accounts you have connected to Coconut. If you have a dedicated account you use for business, connect it to Coconut so your accountant can see your transactions. If you use your personal bank account for some business transactions you can connect it too. They will also be able to see your tax profile information.