The Coconut Accountant Portal on a laptop and the Coconut app on a phone.

Spend less time chasing sole traders for paperwork

Coconut’s app helps sole traders stay on top of bookkeeping and easily share their records and receipts with you through the Partner Portal – so you can spend less time chasing, and enjoy instant access to your clients’ accounting information, whenever you need it.

The Coconut Accountant Portal on a laptop and the Coconut app on a phone.

Making it easy for them, makes it easy for you

Designed with sole traders in mind (especially those used to their own way of doing things), Coconut’s easy-to-use app has the features they need with none of the overwhelm.

Your clients can connect bank accounts in seconds, and capture receipts, bills and invoices as they happen. And using our software for accountants, you’ll have real-time access to all of their accounting information without chasing them for it.

“As soon as I started using [Coconut] I was like, wow this is so easy and convenient, and almost addictive in a way. It has really, really helped me lighten the load, so that I can focus more on other things”
Gillian Bertram, Founder of The Bertram Clinic of Nutrition
The Coconut Account app's SNF Report featureThe Coconut Account app's SNF Report feature

Increase efficiency,
create capacity

Time is money; don’t waste it chasing clients for paperwork and manually entering data into tax filing software. Having Coconut’s smart software on your side saves you valuable hours, so you can take on more clients and increase revenue – just like Lee.

“Coconut makes our business more efficient, which then frees up more time. The knock-on effect is that we can take on more clients.”
Lee Coombes, Accountant

Open up opportunities to grow revenue

With direct visibility into your clients’ books, you can check in any time and provide your sole traders with proactive, real-time advice and insights throughout the year.

With MTD ITSA on the horizon too, getting better visibility of your clients data regularly will make the headache of extra reporting feel like a piece of cake.

The Coconut Account app's sort transactions featureThe Coconut Account app's sort transactions feature
“Rather than being reactive, we can deliver a much more proactive service with real time advice. Coconut opens up the possibility of significant revenue growth.”
Ele Stevens, Accountant

Reinvent January.

With Coconut as your go-to platform for sole traders, you can say goodbye to January madness.

Having access to your clients’ accounting information at any time means you can spread the work out that you used to cram into January throughout the year, and save the time spent on chasing incomplete paperwork at the last minute.

MTD ITSA - The Opportunity.

With the introduction of MTD ITSA and the additional reporting requirements, more sole traders than ever are likely to require the support of accountants and bookkeepers. This presents a real opportunity for forward thinking advisers to find the right tool and get their sole trader services, processes and software prepared well ahead of 2024.

Talk to us today about how we’re helping accounting firms across the UK prepare themselves to take advantage of the  opportunity that MTD ITSA presents.

Here's why accountants
love Coconut's software.

Tech-savvy Accounting Firm Gets More Done in Less Time with Coconut

“The key thing for all accountants is time saving and efficiency, because there are never enough hours in a day I think any accountant who looks into Coconut will realise the potential time saving is massive.”


How Coconut Helped the barefoot accountant Run Smoother, Plan Smarter & Prepare for MTD

The barefoot accountant provides accountancy services to creative sole traders who just want to be fabulously creative and not worry about the boring stuff. Operating from a shop front in Hertfordshire, the firm delivers personalised tax and accountancy services in a relaxed and judgement-free zone.

Learn and grow with Coconut's dedicated Partner Programme

We've helped accountants across the UK manage sole traders on Coconut and grow their practice. Join the Coconut Partner Programme today to take advantage of discounts and rewards, dedicated training, resources and a shiny Coconut Partner Badge to display with pride.

Coconut's Partner Programme

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Common questions

Who is Coconut for?

Coconut is designed specifically for sole traders. Designed to give you a view of how your business is performing, help you work out how much tax you owe and track income and expenses. If you want to spend more time focusing on your business and not your accounting, Coconut is for you.

What bank accounts can be connected to Coconut?

With Coconut, you can connect accounts from over 25 UK banks. Take a look at the full list here.