The simple solution for sole trader & landlord clients

Cost-effective software that’s built specifically for your smallest clients: simple enough for them to engage with, but smart enough to streamline and optimise your practice’s workflows.

Perfect for all of your smaller clients:
Sole traders
Unincorporated landlords
CIS subcontractors

A simple app for your client

Once your client is set up on the Coconut app, they’ll be able to do all of the following in just a few taps:

  • Scan and save receipts in the cloud

  • Categorise allowable expenses

  • Send and track digital invoices

  • Unmuddle business, property & personal finances

  • Track cashflow month to month

  • Know how much tax to set aside

More about how the app works
“I’m a sole trader and use my personal account for many of my transactions, so Coconut has been a lifesaver. You can scroll through any bank accounts you link to it and nominate which are business and what category they fall under. Don’t know what I’d do without it.”
– Nancy Brown, Therapist,
Coconut Customer

An efficient workflow for you

And with easy access to all of your clients’ accounting information through the Accountant Platform, your practice will be able to gather, prepare, and file data in a fraction of the time

  • Review and recode transactions in seconds

  • Easily access relevant records and receipts

  • Submit quarterly obligations and EOPS for all of your MTD ITSA clients, including those with multiple streams of income

“The discovery of the Coconut app was a complete game-changer for our clients. It also ensures that they are ready for MTD for Income Tax well ahead of the implementation date, so everybody wins.”
– Ele Stevens, the barefoot accountant,
Coconut Partner

It’s simple, efficient, & cost-effective

Cloud accounting and professional landlord software is too complex and expensive for MTD clients’ needs, meaning you’ll lose both time and money by putting them on it. Coconut, on the other hand, is so simple that anyone can use it…even those resistant to new technology or change.

It unmuddles business, property & personal finances

One of the biggest challenges with sole traders and individual landlords is that a huge proportion of them use non-dedicated bank and credit card accounts for some (if not all) of their business transactions. Coconut makes it easy for both you and your clients to unmuddle these transactions in just a tap.

It opens up opportunity for revenue growth

Don’t waste valuable time being front-line support. By using Coconut’s MTD ITSA software for accountants, you can standardise and streamline your workflow, and manage a high volume of smaller clients much more efficiently – opening up capacity for new business as demand increases.

MTD ITSA: the £360 million opportunity

When Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment comes into effect, more than four million sole traders and landlords will be affected. Coconut’s MTD ITSA software is specifically built to support these clients and their accountants through this transition and beyond. With our simple, cost-effective, and purpose-built tools, we’ll help you digitise your sole trader and landlord clients with ease.

And of course, with change comes opportunity: our data shows that an additional one million taxpayers who don’t currently use an accountant may be willing to pay for one to help them with MTD ITSA – presenting a major revenue growth opportunity to firms who ensure their software and processes are ready to meet the huge increase in demand.

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From CIS subcontractors to unincorporated landlords, our software is built specifically for the needs of your smallest clients

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Common questions

Can I try Coconut for free?

Yes you can. We offer everyone a 30-day free trial (no card details required), so you can see how Coconut works.

Who is Coconut for?

Coconut is designed specifically for sole traders. Designed to give you a view of how your business is performing, help you work out how much tax you owe and track income and expenses. If you want to spend more time focusing on your business and not your accounting, Coconut is for you.

Is Coconut a bank?

No, Coconut is not a bank and we do not offer banking or current account services. Coconut is a simple tax app for self-employed people and accountants.

Can I connect a personal bank account to Coconut?

Sole traders can connect their personal bank or current accounts to Coconut and begin to separate their business and personal transactions.

How can I get in touch with the team?

You can get in touch with us through the in-app chat or by emailing

What bank and current accounts can I connect?

You can connect bank accounts and credit cards from over 25 UK providers. Take a look at the full list here.

Can I use Coconut on my desktop computer?

Yes, you can! Users on either of our plans can access Coconut Web on desktop. To log in, simply use your existing mobile number and pin.