The Coconut team

Help us create Coconut

Coconut’s vision is to make self-employment easier than being employed.

We want to make it much easier to run your self-employed business and ensure you have better financial security and visibility than if you were an employee.

Self-employment is the biggest shift in the way we work for a generation and our mission is to free millions of people from business admin by building the ultimate accounting and tax tool for self-employed people.

We are a very welcoming, diverse and inclusive team who love to work cross-functionally and we encourage creativity, innovation and a safe space to experiment and improve every day.

We were recently named as one of the top 10 hottest fintech startups and we are on the lookout for people that are excited by our vision and want to join us on our journey.

Shared values

We operate as a collaborative cross-functional team and we support each other at every opportunity to get the best out of everyone.

We love to get things delivered by focusing on what’s important to drive the business forward, and when we need to change course we thrive on being dynamic.

Everyone at Coconut has a growth mindset and we are believers in continuous improvement. We love to share knowledge with each other and try to be better every day as a team.

Creativity is a fundamental characteristic of our customers and we encourage people to take calculated risks and challenge ourselves to do things in creative and innovative ways.

Finally, we love our customers who forge their own way by building businesses. We love helping them achieve their ambitions and making life better for them on that journey.

How we work

We set objectives every few months for what is most important to the business at the time and it means everyone is then super clear and aligned on what we all need to do. We then work together to make it happen.

The product side of Coconut is run using product management and agile development methodology and we use modern tools and techniques from planning and design/UX through to development and delivery.

Some specifics:

  • Our application designs are created in Sketch and InVision
  • Our technology is run on Amazon Web Services with the backend built using Python 3 and Lambda Serverless whilst our mobile applications are built natively in Swift and Kotlin. We manage our infrastructure through Terraform and Ansible.

How we play

Every Friday we sit down at the end of the day for a presentation from somebody in the business on what they’ve been working on and perhaps a CEO update, then we cap it off with a drink at a local establishment - and soft drinks are very much allowed, everyone is encouraged to come along.

Every quarter we make sure we all let our hair down and go out for a team social. Recent nights out include Japanese style karaoke in Soho and a night of bowling, dodgems and video games at Namco at Waterloo. We also like to eat and every quarter we get together for a team lunch with recent visits to Meat Mission and Wahaca.

So what are you waiting for?

We hope that Coconut sounds like somewhere you'd like to work and we'd love to hear from you whether there are specific roles listed below or not.