We’ve Evolved: Meet Coconut 2.0
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November 2021

We’ve Evolved: Meet Coconut 2.0

Join us on 15th December to find out how Coconut has evolved over the past 12 months, what our plans are for the future, and how “Coconut 2.0” will make it easier than ever for self-employed people—and their accountants—to manage their finances.

Sam O'Connor
Sam O'Connor
CEO at Coconut
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🚨 UPDATE: Tickets to the Coconut 2.0 Launch have now SOLD OUT 🚨

If you weren't able to get a ticket in time, don't worry: we’ll also be live-streaming the event. We'll be sharing details on how to join closer to the time; sign up to our mailing list to stay in the loop.

For more info on what Coconut 2.0 is...read on!


When we launched Coconut in 2018, we knew a big transformation in how people work was afoot. Self-employment was booming. And people in search of more fulfilment, flexibility, and passion in their work were taking matters into their own hands.

Covid has only accelerated this shift. The opportunity for people to work from anywhere has never been greater. The access to people who want great products and services anywhere in the world has never had fewer barriers. And the drive to forge our own paths has never been more powerful.

The self-employment revolution is here, and Coconut is ready for it.

Introducing: Coconut 2.0

We’ve always had the same goal, to make self-employment easier than being employed.

Back in 2018, we started making that a reality by launching our first product—a banking and accounting app for self-employed people. It was transformative for our customers in many ways; this was a product made exclusively for them, that catered to the needs of their professional lives in a way that no one had before.

Those three years taught us a lot about the self-employed community: what makes them tick, what fills them with joy, and what brings them the most anxiety.

So, in 2021, we decided to put that knowledge to good use, and home in even closer on what it is that self-employed people need most.

The result? Coconut 2.0, the ultimate tax app for self-employed people.

Coconut 2.0 doesn’t have a new vision. It simply focuses much more closely on the needs of one group of customers.

And it does so by equipping them with:

  • a complete record-keeping to tax filing experience
  • a “Making Tax Digital”-ready solution
  • a seamless integration for those who have accountants

Coconut 2.0 is the future of Coconut, and—we believe—of self-employment.

Come along to our Launch Event on 15th December

We’re incredibly excited about what Coconut 2.0 can do for the freelancing community.

That’s why, on Wednesday 15th December, we’ll be hosting a launch event at the Loading Bay in Shoreditch to go even deeper into the how, what, and why of all of these exciting changes. And we’d love to see you there!

Coconut 2.0 Launch Event

Reserve your spot now.

As always with Coconut events, there will be plenty of time for Q&A, and the Coconut team will be around all evening to answer any questions. And, of course, free pizza!

Spaces are limited, so grab your spot early.

See you there!


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