Smart yet simple accounting software for freelancers

Coconut’s app makes it easy to track your freelance income and expenses, send branded invoices and work out how much tax to set aside.

Making freelance finance a walk in the park

When your self-employed income is growing, so can your money and tax worries. Enter Coconut: the must-have accounting software for freelancers. By using our smart invoicing, expense management and tax tools, you can get exceptionally organised with your finances, spend less time on paperwork, and focus all your energy on doing what you do best: running your freelance business.


Understand your money better

Coconut connects with your bank accounts to give you a complete overview of your freelance income and outgoings, making it easy for you to make financial decisions with confidence.


Keep all of your paperwork in one place

Take photos of receipts, make notes on transactions and safely store your paperwork in the cloud. With our accounting software in your pocket, your freelancer records are only ever a couple of taps away.


Seamlessly categorise and claim expenses

Coconut’s accounting software makes it easy for freelancers to categorise each of your transactions as business, personal or a mixture of the two—to ensure you’re claiming all the tax relief you’re entitled to.


Know how much to set aside for tax

By tracking all the relevant information about your income, expenses and adjustments, our accounting software will give you an accurate estimate of how much tax you’ll owe at the end of the year.


Send and track customised invoices

As your freelance business grows, keeping track of who owes you money can be tricky. Our accounting software makes it easy to send branded invoices to clients, track payments, and chase late payers.


Work with your accountant

Got an accountant? With Coconut, you can easily give them real-time access to all of your transactions, receipts and invoices—so they never have to bother you for the paperwork they need.

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Start organising your finances

£9.00 per month
Including VAT
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    Connect accounts from 30+ banks and credit cards
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    Track your income and expenses throughout the year
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    Access Coconut on both mobile and desktop
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    Send and track unlimited branded invoices
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    Always know how much tax to set aside
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    Easily share access with your accountant

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