Coconut Web: Manage Your Bookkeeping on Desktop
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December 2021

Coconut Web: Manage Your Bookkeeping on Desktop

The desktop version of our mobile app is live! Coconut Web gives you access to the transaction history of any bank accounts you’ve linked up to Coconut, and allows you to complete your key bookkeeping tasks, all within your browser. Give it a try now!

Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins
Marketing Lead at Coconut
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We’re very excited to announce that, due to popular demand, Coconut Web is now live! 

What is Coconut Web?

Coconut Web is the desktop version of our mobile app. It gives you access to the transaction history of any bank accounts you’ve linked up to Coconut, and allows you to complete your key bookkeeping tasks, all within your browser. 

With Coconut Web, you can:

  • View and categorise transactions
  • Attach receipts
  • Monitor your bank feeds
  • Check the status of, view and download invoices
  • Export your data—either for your own records or to send to your accountant

We know that, for many people, a bigger screen and access to all your files can make the above processes a whole lot quicker—in fact, it’s been one of the most common requests from our customers. So we’re delighted that Coconut Web now makes this possible.

Introducing: the new “Tax” tab.

We’re also really excited to introduce our brand new “Tax” tab—which will make submitting your Self Assessment an absolute breeze.

In the Tax tab, we’ve broken down the process of preparing for your Self Assessment into six clear steps, and made it super easy for you to find the information you need for your tax return. We’ve also included some handy resources to guide you through the process.

How do I access Coconut Web?

Access to Web is automatically included in all Coconut Plans—so if you're already a user (Professional or Side Hustle), all you need to do is head to this link and use your existing mobile number and pin to log in.

If you’re yet to join Coconut, try out our app for free here; our 7-day free trial includes access to Coconut Web.

Coming soon

Your feedback is incredibly important to us, which is why we're planning continuous improvements to Coconut Web over the coming months—including the ability to create and send invoices from your desktop.

If there’s any other way that we can make Coconut Web as useful as possible, please do get in touch!

For more guidance on using Coconut Web, we’ve put together some handy help guides in our Support Centre; check them out below:


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