Introducing: The Coconut Accountant Portal

Introducing: The Coconut Accountant Portal

Adam Goodall
Adam Goodall
Co-founder at Coconut
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In a recent survey we conducted, 65% of Coconut customers either have accountants or are thinking about getting one. To make it as easy as possible for you to work with your accountant, we've created the Coconut Accountant Portal.

We’re working with Accountants

Before getting into product management, I started my career as an accountant at PwC, learning all the inner workings of the UK tax system. So I appreciate how important accountants are to help businesses thrive.Accountants play a crucial role, providing advice about tax and helping you stay compliant with HMRC and Companies House, but also supporting with business goals. Having an expert on board gives you the peace of mind to focus on your success.We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work together with your accountant. That’s why we’ve recently launched our Coconut Accountant Portal and our partner accountants are helping us to get it just right, in much the same way our community helped us with the Coconut app.

The Coconut Accountant Portal

Coconut brings everything you need to run your business into one place with a current account, accounting software, invoicing and receipt capture. Traditionally your accountant would have to get you setup with several different pieces of software.The portal will make life much easier for Coconut customers and your accountants by:

  • Making it easy to share transaction and bookkeeping data seamlessly.
  • Giving a real-time view into your transactions, so your accountant can see what's going on and be proactive in supporting with zero data entry.
  • Bringing everything into one place, making it much simpler to run your business.
  • Enabling fast on-boarding for accountants' new clients and letting them manage all their Coconut clients in one place.

How it works

(Accountants can invite clients to open a Coconut account, and signing up takes a few minutes just visit the Accountants page.)Existing Coconut customers can share access with your accountant through the app.Once your accountant has access, here’s what they can do:

1. See their clients

Your accountant will be able to manage all their clients through the portal, and invite new ones easily.

Client List

2. See your transactions

Your accountant has a real-time view into your transactions. They can see the category that’s been applied, and soon they’ll be able to help you make sure it’s correct by amending it for you. They’ll also be able to view any receipts or notes you’ve added.

Transaction List

Plus when we launch VAT next month they’ll be able to help with that too.

3. Export your data

Accountants can export your data to spreadsheet-friendly CSV format in one click. If they’re using separate accounting software, we’ve formatted this to be easily imported into most common packages.If your accountant wants, they can just use Coconut to keep track of your bookkeeping instead, with no need for separate software, and no need to ask you to submit receipts through other apps.

4. More on the horizon

This is just the beginning for our Accountant Portal. We're working closely with accountants to bring more tools that help them work better with the clients. Including:

  • Recategorising transactions
  • View receipts & notes
  • View invoices
  • Profit & Loss summaries
  • Trial balances (a report showing totals per category)
  • Query transactions
  • Manage VAT and submit returns

Are you an Accountant?

If you’re an accountant interested in learning more about our accountant portal, head to our Accountants page.Or if you’ve got a client using Coconut then just ask them to share access with you through the app.We’re looking to speak to as many accountants as possible, so that we can make it as easy as possible to work effectively with Coconut users. If you’d be up for speaking with us, please book in some time with our team.


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