A collection of useful resources for self-employed people during COVID-19
March 2020

A collection of useful resources for self-employed people during COVID-19

Ness Kent
Ness Kent
Head of Marketing at Coconut
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The fallout from Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the self-employed community. Many have lost work, become isolated, are worried about family and friends and are figuring out how to do things in this new world and how long it will last.

But through all of this, it’s been incredible to see the community rallying around to support one another. It seems that there is a huge amount of creativity being put to good use with so many brilliant self-employed people and business owners offering their skills and advice to help others in these tough times.

And we wanted to share some of the incredible resources that have been created so far.

Difficulty finding work / cancelled projects

We’ve found a few useful links squirrelled away in Twitter threads… not to mention some Twitter threads that are useful in their own right.

Here’s a thread that was set up by Work Notes for people to share what they do and see if others have opportunities that match, and vice versa:
👉 See the thread

And here’s a thread started by Laura Avernethy where a few people have shared their own tried and tested coping strategies:
👉 Check it out

This article from Amanda Appiagyei has some great practical ideas about how to take care of yourself and your business in times of uncertainty:
👉 15 Things To Do When Work Gets a Bit Too Quiet

Along with some practical financial tips, there are some suggestions on how to pivot quickly and how to look after your mental health in this blog from The Freelance Kit too:
👉 7 ways for freelancers to weather the COVID-19 storm

And here’s a LinkedIn article by business coach Rachel Allen:
👉 What can you do to protect your business?

Online communities offering support and expertise

You are not alone! There are lots of watering holes on the internet where freelancers and business owners come together to share their expertise and resources.

Up for joining in? You can talk, ask questions and get answers, share your own problems/solutions/ideas.

Not in the mood? That’s fine too. You can quietly browse existing threads and topics for valuable nuggets of support and inspiration.

Freelance Heroes
If Facebook feels like a safe haven for you, this is an award-winning support network for freelancers in the UK that centres around a Facebook group. A few of us at Coconut are members and we enjoy checking in regularly:
👉 Don your cape

The Dots
If keeping your finger on the pulse professionally is most important to you right now, this is a network for creators, bringing together people, projects, companies, jobs, an ask-the-community message board, and events:
👉 Get connecting

Being Freelance
As well as a Facebook community group, this is a great podcast where over 150 freelancers have shared their stories, tips and advice. Plus, if you’re new to podcasts… one of the reasons people love them is the friendly voice in the background they provide when things get lonely.
👉 Let’s go podcasting

Coconut Bite
We’d be remiss not to mention our own community forum here. You might find solace under the “self-employed life” topic. But we encourage you to explore everything out there and see what feels right for you.
👉 Have a nibble

Staying fit at home

For a lot of people, being active is a big part of their routine. It keeps us all in good mental as well as physical shape.

Lots of health and fitness professionals are sharing live workouts or home-workout guides that require little to no equipment.

A collection of home workouts, put together by Food Fitness Flora:
👉 Top people to follow for home workouts

Live workouts on Facebook by Mark Beckham Coaching:
👉 See a recent recording

Community sporting events haven’t disappeared entirely! You can still take part virtually, as we’ve discovered from Coconut customer and fitness guru KeepItSimpElle:
👉 How to enter virtual running challenges

Working (well) from home

We know for many of you this is the norm… but for some folks it’s new. Either way, it’s not really “business as usual”.

One resource we came across goes above and beyond. So specific, so good, it’s worth a hundred “normal” working-from-home links. Published by Leapers who exist to support the mental health of the self-employed:
👉 The Little Guide to… Working well from home under self-quarantine for Coronavirus.

Kids at home? Panic rising? Here’s a useful article by Jill and Lucy, ex-teachers and co-founders of Time Flies for Kids, about how to manage kids while working from home:
👉 My kids are off school and I'm not a teacher, help!

Another one for the parents among us. A searchable list of home-schooling, education and children’s entertainment resources, curated from the Doing It For The Kids Facebook group:
👉 Homeschooling / isolation resources

Tell us how you're being affected

We want to know so we can try and help. We’re all hands on deck over on the Coconut Bite forum, ready to respond to your thoughts and questions, so others can benefit from the discussions too.

Share your experience.


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